Most Requested Topics from Sheryl

(Available as Keynotes or Breakouts)

Once Upon a Bottom Line

90% of purchases are made unconsciously which means brands that evoke emotion will be chosen over those that don’t. Are you using stories to communicate with your employees and your customers, or are you missing out on the most powerful and strategic business tool available?

Learn how to harness the power of story in your marketing, sales and leadership. This engaging presentation will teach you:

  • The three most important stories you can tell
  • Where to utilize story to evoke emotion
  • How to structure your stories for maximum emotional engagement
  • Why it’s more important to share your Why than your What
  • How to communicate with employees through the use of story

Never Miss an Opportunity

How many opportunities have you missed because you’re afraid to take the first step?

Learn how to embrace the opportunities and challenges in your personal and professional life:

  • Classify your fear
  • Overcome your fear
  • Escape comfort zone quicksand
  • Avoid a regret hangover
  • Take advantage of every opportunity

Rescuing Others to Rescue Yourself

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels? Hiding from life? Do you feel powerless to change your circumstances? It’s time to become the hero of your own life.

Identify what’s preventing your from flying and how to:

  • Acknowledge your power and responsibility
  • Put on your “cape” and adopt a positive mindset
  • Help others and help yourself

Surviving to Thriving

The question is not whether you will face challenges in your life. The question is what will you do in the face of those challenges.


  • Discover what is preventing you from succeeding in your life
  • Learn the tools necessary to face and overcome any obstacle
  • Uncover your true passion so that you can live the life you were meant to live